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A publication for the worldwide dredging industry published by Clarkson Research

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Dredging News Online is a unique publication for all those involved in the international dredging industry, ports and harbours, and marine contracting. Updated daily, Dredging News Online is a truly international publication that addresses every aspect of dredging and related subjects such as hydrographic survey. It does so in a timely manner, bringing you the latest news from all around the world. 

Dredging News Online provides updates on contracts and tenders, new technology, new vessels, research and development, company news, project profiles and much more, all complete with illustrations.

If you have any dredging related news, items for the Conferences & Exhibitions section or questions and/or suggestions you can contact the Editor of Dredging News Online:

David Foxwell
E-mail: FoxwellD@aol.com