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Boston Harbour Improvement Dredging

Contracts & Tenders // March 1, 2017

Solicitation Number: W912WJ-17-X-0009

Agency: Department of the Army

Office: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Location: USACE District, New England

Notice Type: Sources Sought

Added: Feb 27, 2017 9:09 am
Action Code:  Sources Sought Notice

Subject:  Construction Services for Improvement Dredging of the Broad Sound North Entrance Channel, portions of the Main Ship Channel, President Roads Anchorage and Portions of the Reserve Channel of Boston Harbor, Boston, Massachusetts Federal Navigation Project.

 Solicitation Number:  W912WJ-17-X-0009

 NACIS Code:   237 -- Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction/237990 -- Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction

 Response date:   March 21, 2017

Place of Performance:

US Army Engineer District, New England

696 Virginia Road

Concord, MA

01742-2751 US

Description: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New England District is issuing this Sources Sought Announcement for improvement dredging of the Boston Harbor Federal Navigation Project in Boston, MA.  The dredging is to accommodate larger container ships that are calling on the US east coast now that the Panama Canal improvements are completed.   This announcement is to determine interest, availability and capability of HUBZone, Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned and Small Business concerns for this project and to request comment from ALL potential bidders on the appropriateness of the proposed Definitive Responsibility Criteria addressed below.  The project is planned to be solicited on or about October 2017.  The work is expected to take approximately three years given the amount of dredging needed to remove all of the material to deepen the project to its newly authorized depths.  The estimated construction cost is between $100,000,000 to $250,000,000.

This project may be incrementally funded; funds may not be available at the inception of this contract to cover the entire contract price.  The resulting contract may include 5152.232-9001, Special Continuing Contract for Civil Works Project Managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Deviation) or its Alternate 1.  If Alternate 1 is included, DFARS 252.232-7007 Limitation of Government's Obligation will also be included. 

 1.  Project Description:     This project consists of dredging approximately 11,700,000 cubic yards (cy) of silt, blue clay, till and weathered rock to improve the following components of the Federal Navigation Project for Boston Harbor:  deepening and widening the Broad Sound North Channel to -51 feet Mean Lower, Low Water (MLLW), deepening and widening the Main Ship Channel (MSC) to the Conley Terminal including the turning basin or "MSC Notch" to -47 feet MLLW, deepening the President Roads Anchorage and deepening the lower Reserved Channel to -47 feet MLLW.   The improvement depths noted above are required to be an additional two feet deep in areas of hard material like till and weathered rock.  The material dredged to create the federal navigation project improvements will be placed at the Massachusetts Bay Disposal Site (MBDS) approximately 20 miles offshore of Boston Harbor with the exception of a small fraction of the material being placed as a cap to the Main Ship Channel Confined Aquatic Disposal cell that will be completed in December 2017, just downstream of the inner confluence of the Chelsea and Mystic Rivers.  Fast rock is defined as rock having a compressional wave velocity greater than 2,700m/s and will not be removed as part of this contract as no blasting will be permitted.  The contractor will be required to bring equipment to accomplish all dredging by mechanical means for the material types previously noted with strength characteristics less than fast rock.

 Interested firms should submit a capabilities package to include the following:  business classification (i.e. HUBZone, small business, etc.), a proof of bonding as well as what type of equipment would be utilized for this project. 

 Additionally, the Government contemplates inclusion of Definitive Responsibility Criteria similar to the below in the resulting solicitation.  The Government welcomes industry comments on whether the below criteria are appropriate and achievable.  Interested firms should demonstrate their project experience, within the last ten years, in the following requirements:

•Dredging by mechanical means a minimum of 350,000 cubic yards in one consecutive 30-day period.

•Experience in dredging hard material with strength characteristics less than fast rock such as till or weathered rock to depths of at least 50'with mechanical equipment.  Note that the depth of this requirement may be lessened if the contractor can clearly demonstrate the equipment used to mechanically remove the hard material at a shallower depth is capable of digging to depths of 50' MLLW.

•Experience with mechanical dredging in coastal waters up to 50 feet deep.


•Experience in placement of dredged material at an ocean placement site.


 Responses are limited to twenty pages. Responses are due by March 21, 2016.

Responses should be submitted to Elizabeth Glasgow via email at Elizabeth.k.glasgow@usace.army.mil. The Government will not pay for any material provided in response to this market survey nor return the data provided.  This notice is for information purposes only and is not a request to be placed on a solicitation mailing list nor is it a Request for Proposal (RFP) or an announcement of a solicitation.  The results of this survey will be considered to be in effect for a period of one year from the date of this notice. 

Government Agency URL: www.nae.usace.army.mil

Government Agency URL Description: New England District, Corps of Engineers

Contracting Office Address:
696 Virginia Road
Concord, Massachusetts 01742-2751
United States

Place of Performance:
Boston Harbor
Boston, Massachusetts
United States

Primary Point of Contact:
Elizabeth K. Glasgow,
Contract Specialist
Phone: 9783188671

Source: FedBizOpps

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