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Maintenance Dredging of Sandy Hook Channel, New York Harbour

Contracts & Tenders // February 27, 2017

Solicitation Number: W912DS-17-S-0018

Agency: Department of the Army

Office: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Location: USACE District, New York

Notice Type: Sources Sought

Added: Feb 23, 2017 1:43 pm

Maintenance Dredging of Sandy Hook Channel, New York Harbor, Federal Navigation Project

Market Survey Background Information

The New York District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) proposes to perform maintenance dredging of the Sandy Hook Channel, New York Harbor, Federal Navigation Project.  The dredged material would be dredged and subsequently transported to and placed at the Sea Bright Offshore Borrow Area (SBOBA), 5 miles southeast of Sandy Hook Point, NJ. The proposed maintenance  dredging  would remove approximately 350,000 cubic yards of selected critical shoals from the Sandy Hook Channel. Dredging would be required to a depth of -35 feet Mean Lower Low Water (MLLW) plus 2 feet of allowable overdepth. The dredged material is expected to consist primarily of sand and gravel.

Based on past dredging cycles, it is recommended that the proposed work only be performed by utilizing a mechanical dredge with a clamshell bucket. Additionally, multiple, ocean going barges and tug boats will be needed to perform the work during the dredging, transport and unloading operations. The dredged material would be required to meet all federal, state, and approved local criteria required by the government agencies having jurisdiction where the dredging and placement sites are located.

Once the contract is awarded, the contractor will be required to commence work within five (5) calendar days after the date of receipt by him of the notice to proceed, and maintain an integrated production rate of at least 8,000 cubic yards per calendar day for the dredging, transportation, and final placement of the material. The presence of dredging equipment in the channel will impact ship traffic and it is necessary to maintain this production rate while minimizing the duration of this impact.

The proposed work is anticipated to take place between mid-September and mid- November  2017.    The  work  is  estimated  to  cost  between  $1,000,000.00  and $5,000,000.00.


The following confidential survey questionnaire is designed to apprise the Corps of prospective dredging contractors’ project execution capabilities. Please provide your response to the following questions. All questions are in regard to the Sandy Hook Channel maintenance dredging project.


1)    Have you ever worked on dredging jobs similar in nature to this project? If so, please describe the project and for whom the work was performed. Identify a point of contact and phone number, as a reference of relevant experience.

2)    What percentage of work (volume of material dredged, transported and ultimately placed) can you perform with your own equipment or equipment owned by another small dredging contractor?

3)    Have you performed dredging within the coastal waters of New Jersey?

4)    Would you be willing to bid on the project described? If the answer is no, please explain why not.

5)    Would you be bidding on this project as a sole contractor, prime contractor with subcontractor(s) or as a joint venture?

6)    Is there a dollar limit on the size of contract that you would bid? If so, what is that limit?

7)    What is the largest dredging contract, in dollars, on which you were the prime contractor?

8)    What is your bonding capacity per contract? What is your total bonding capacity?


 9)    What type of dredge equipment do you own and / or operate that is suitable for the work described? Do you own a clamshell bucket? Please list each piece of equipment capable of performing each type of work described, i.e. dredging, transfer, transportation and final ocean placement of the material. For each dredge that you list, please specify its bucket size(s), and any other pertinent characteristics.

10)  Identify which dredge(s), including support equipment (tugs, crew boats etc), you would employ on this project. Also, for each dredge, identify the maximum dredging depth.

11)  Do you own ocean-going material scows? If so, how many? Please list the name of the scow, its type (ocean going, bottom dump etc.) and the capacity.

12) Do  you  have  experience  with  the  use  of  an  automated  Dredged  Material Monitoring System (Black Box/Silent Inspector) or employing a Dredged Material Inspector (DMI)? 

Contracting Office Address:
26 Federal Plaza
New York, New York 10278-0090
United States

Place of Performance:
Sandy Hook Channel, New York
United States
Primary Point of Contact.:
Orlando Nieves,
Contract Specialist
Phone: 9177908078

Source: FedBizOpps

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