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Concern expressed about effect on reefs of Port Everglades dredging

Environmental Issues // February 24, 2017

Environmental activists are concerned that a project to deepen Port Everglades could damage Broward County's reefs. "If we do it like Miami, we are going to lose our reefs," former port engineer Ron Coddington said.

Mr Coddington attended a recent deepwater dredging discussion in Fort Lauderdale. When the US Army Corps of Engineers dredged Port Miami a few years ago, they stirred up so much silt that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said it suffocated and killed a nearby reef system.

Port Everglades Director Steven Cernak told Local 10 News that the port needs to stay competitive and there is ademand for deep water.

"We are taking proactive steps to make sure that things are done differently," he said.

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