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US: Martinez Council progresses marina dredging project

Project Updates // February 16, 2017

The Martinez Gazette reports that Martinez City Council has hired Anchor QEA to design and obtain permits for dredging silt from marinas so in the area so boats will have easier access to its docks and slips.

The contract is for valued at US$157,000 but other costs for this stage of the project bring the total to US$200,000, which will come from the Assigned Infrastructure Fund Balance Reserve.

The costs include city-supplied management, at US$13,000, and another US$30,000 for permit fees. The actual dredging could cost close to US$1 million, a price tag that led several members of the Council to wonder how long the city could keep picking the tab for removing silt that keeps returning.

The full story is at:

The http://martinezgazette.com/archives/27990

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