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Court says Elbe dredging will happen - overrules objections

News // February 10, 2017

A Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig has underlined the necessity for the adjustment of the navigation channel in the Elbe river, the waterway that serves an approach to the Port of Hamburg in Germany.

Jens Meier CEO of Hamburg Port Authority said: "The navigation adjustments will come, now it is a question of extending the process. We will concentrate on the questions of possible fluctuations of the salinity of the Elbe and habitat protection impact assessment. The requirements of the additional compensation areas are to be taken into account in the planning too.”

In a judgement earlier this week, the Federal Administrative Court said the planning procedure "has no deficiencies and the objections from the environmental organisations concerning the water engineering measures cannot be upheld." The court said the European Water Framework Directive has been adhered to.

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