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Boskalis joint venture awarded bottom ash processing contract by Attero

Contracts & Tenders // February 2, 2017

Royal Boskalis Westminster and Inashco are to process all bottom ash produced by Attero for a period of 10 years. The contract was awarded to Ash Cleaning Company Netherlands (ACCN),  a joint venture between Boskalis Environmental and Inashco. The total value of the contract will be in excess of Euros 100 million over the10 year period and is partly dependent on the market prices of the recovered metals. Boskalis holds a 50 per cent stake in ACCN with the results being accounted for as an associate.
Attero's waste-to-energy plants in Moerdijk and Wijster in The Netherlands produce around 450,000 tons of incinerator bottom ash per year. ACCN is building a state-of-the-art plant at Nauerna in the Port of Amsterdam area to process the bottom ash, based on a washing process developed by Boskalis Environmental.

Once processed, almost all of the bottom ash is suitable for re-use as a raw material, allowing Boskalis to contribute to the circular economy. The mineral fraction, consisting of sand and granulate, will be used as a freely applicable building material in Boskalis' civil engineering works while the valuable and rare metals can be marketed as commodities by Inashco.

In this way the combination Boskalis - Inashco provides an integrated solution and takes care of the washing and processing of the incinerator bottom ash on behalf of Attero. Furthermore, the agreement enables Attero to meet its Bottom Ash Green Deal obligation to the Dutch government.

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