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US: agreement reached for Avalon beach fill project

Project Updates // January 18, 2017

Avalon Mayor Martin Pagliughi has announced that the Borough will be receiving a substantial hydraulic beach fill project that will begin in the coming weeks and restore the north end beaches in the Borough to their full federal template.

The beach fill will likely not result in a municipal financial contribution and will provide for one of the largest beach fill projects history. The beach fill project comes despite the United State Fish and Wildlife Service’s misapplication of the Coastal Barrier Resources Act, which all agencies had to work through in order to bring this public safety project to the community.

“This beach fill project was initially beset with unique challenges and obstacles, but thanks to our proactive vision and leadership from the Borough, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, and United States Army Corps of Engineers we were able to get this project to the table and in place”, Mayor Pagliughi said.

“All of the parties involved recognized the need to figure out a unique solution, and we were able to provide the necessary protection our town needs before the next storm season over the objections raised by an advisory agency”.

A large contract has been awarded by the US Army Corps of Engineers to Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company, LLC of Illinois, which will use the dredge Texas” to undertake the project.

Mobilization for the beach fill project is expected to begin before the end of January with the beach fill project starting in Stone Harbour, and taking about four weeks to complete; following the Stone Harbour project, the hydraulic pumping of sand from Townsend’s Inlet onto the Avalon beaches will begin in February.

It is possible that this could be one of the largest beach fill projects in Avalon’s history with funding place to pump a maximum quantity of 940,000 cubic yards of sand on the Borough’s north end beaches from 9th Street south to just north of 38th Street.

The actual quantity of sand needed to restore the beachfront to the federal template will be determined in the coming weeks. This beach fill project will repair damage to the Avalon beaches created by an October, 2015 nor’easter event and Winter Storm Jonas in 2016.

The project will begin on the 9th Street beach and move in a southerly direction. The dredge pipe will extend from Townsend’s Inlet over the 8th Street Jetty to the beaches. Section of pipe will be added as the project moves in a southerly direction towards 38thh Street during the mid and late winter months.

Texas can produce a maximum volume of 50,000 cubic yards of sand per day, making this nearly a month-long project. Sand pumping could begin in Stone Harbour as early as 27 January.  There is more than enough available sand in Townsend’s Inlet to conduct this hydraulic beach project for Avalon.

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