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Australia: navigation warning issued as Tweed dredging planned

Project Updates // January 3, 2017

The Roads & Maritime Department in New South Wales has issue a navigation warning for the Tweed River Bar Entrance.

Dredging is due to take place there in daylight hours, Tuesday 10 to Monday 30 January 2017.

Roads and Maritime Services (Roads and Maritime) advises that maintenance dredging operations will be undertaken by the 49.5m dredge Port Frederick, at the Tweed River entrance located at GPS co-ordinates: 28deg 10.3’ S; 153deg 33.4’E.

Associated sand placement operations will take place between this position and an area N/E of Point Danger between GPS co-ordinates: 28deg 9.8’S; 153deg 33’E and 28deg 10’S; 153deg 33.4’E.

These works will be undertaken between sunrise and sunset from Tuesday 10 January to Monday 30 January 2017 inclusive depending on suitable conditions.

Vessel operators are advised to exercise extreme caution when navigating in this vicinity and to pay particular attention to the dredge’s anchoring cables, pipeline, lighting and any temporary signage. The dredge will be marked in accordance with the requirements of the Collision Regulations.

Persons within the vicinity of the works must comply with any directions given by a Boating Safety Officer or Police Officer in relation to marine safety. Failure to comply with any such direction is an offence (Marine Safety Act 1998, s.15A - Maximum Penalty $3,300.00).

Vessels are required to maintain a safe distance and speed from the works and operators are reminded that the production of wash which impacts unreasonably on the works is an offence (Marine Safety Regulation – clause 11(2) — Maximum Penalty $5,500.00).

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